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Francesca degli Espinosa

Francesca degli Espinosa has worked with children with autism for more than 20 years. Her longstanding clinical and research interests are in advanced applications of contemporary analyses of verbal behavior (Horne & Lowe, 1996; Lowenkron, 1998, 2008; Michael, Palmer, & Sundberg, 2011) as a basis for teaching generalized verbal repertoires, and, thereby, as a means of minimizing the need to teach specific individual verbal responses. She was the lead clinician for the Southampton Childhood Autism Program, at the University of Southampton, the first UK-based EIBI outcome study (Remington et al., 2007), results of which formed the basis for her Ph.D. She currently runs a small diagnostic, behavioral, and skill assessment clinic in Southampton (UK) and teaches applied behavior analysis in the graduate program at the University of Salerno, Italy, her home country, where she continues to mentor Italian BCBAs.